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The three of us met by chance at a certain point in time, years ago, nobody even knows when and where but for a certainty it was on this planet.
We did not particularly like the things happening around, especially the songs played in local media.
So, for us, it was all about making expressive, melancholic music with some sophisticated attitude. Sometimes searching and experimenting and sometimes going straight ahead towards a decent meaning.
Counting hours that became weeks and weeks that became years, we learned what waiting really means, when life becomes some kind of an absurd slideshow and days its statues.
Not being a figure of interest for local institutions we learned producing with budgetary limitations and remain independent artists for now.
Contrasts create movement and we are moving somewhere in-between, creating our own order of sounds and colors in our universe of polyrhythmic chaos.
You can doubtlessly describe our music as music for outsiders and losers and those who want to become one, since not being affiliated to a system can open you new sights at things.
Things like addiction of the environment or culture you were thrown in.
Being a failure in a system that is about to destroy itself does not really feel special.
So fuck it. Don’t plead for nothing, don’t contribute, don’t fear and don’t trust.
Just Don’t

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